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Values & Ethos


The Orchard Centre aims to provide an educational experience which will enhance and support a return to mainstream education where appropriate

The Orchard Centre seeks to achieve these aims by:

• Creating a meaningful, caring, stimulating and safe environment which will enable students to address their particular issues.

• Providing a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum with particular emphasis on literacy and numeracy.

• Providing individual learning programmes according to students’ needs, in order to enable a return to mainstream education or to       another educational establishment which would better cater for their particular needs.

• Encouraging students to raise their self-esteem, and to value themselves and others, fostering the values of friendship and                   determination.

• Providing assessment opportunities where they can evaluate their progress against national norms and that of their peers.

• Encouraging students to take increasing responsibility for their own actions and for their learning and their futures.

• Working closely with parents/carers, schools and support agencies to ensure the students are given every opportunity to succeed.

• Promoting a positive and responsible attitude towards our community, the wider local community and that of society in general.

We seek to minimise the disruption to our students’ education and offer an enriching and enjoyable experience, helping to reduce anxiety about school work.

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