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Personal Development in the Orchard Centre

Personal Development is at the heart of everything we do here at the Orchard Centre. It is the ‘Golden Thread’ that runs throughout our Centre. It is evident in our form time, Curriculum time and all extra-curricular experiences that help to create that well rounded and complete school experience that readies our students for life after the Orchard Centre.  


Our belief is that without personal development, students are unable to access all areas of the curriculum, so a great amount of importance is placed upon this.  


Our Personal development programme is demonstrated through four main areas - click on the badges for further content:

Beyond Lawnswood

Our extensive careers programme allows students to experience work placement experience, college taster sessions and visits as well as contact with a range of different employers over a student’s lifetime at the Orchard Centre. 


Health & Relationships

How to form healthy relationships, understanding diet and nutrition and staying safe in the wider world from both online and face to face dangers. 


Character & Community 

We place great emphasis on our students experiencing the community around them. We believe in building resilience and confidence through a wide range of charity and community projects. These are fundamental to building experiences for our students and allowing them access to the world around them. 



The thread running throughout our curriculum plans as well as the extensive PSHE programme to enable our students to be more understanding of different cultures and the world that we live in.  


Alongside these areas students also attend weekly assemblies that involve a wide range of current topics and issues all designed to build the picture of the world around them. In assemblies we cover current affairs, Modern British Values, form v form challenges, external visits from employers and colleges as well as celebrating the successes of the students. These assemblies help our students to feel part of the Orchard family and to understand each other’s strengths and the ever-changing climate.  


Furthermore, a structured programme of activities is set out for all students during form time in the morning and afternoon to build upon what happens in the curriculum. This allows the students to be met with a clear and focused start to every day at the Orchard Centre. Cool kids’ activities, sensory snack boxes to help mindfulness and wellbeing, weekly quiz, structured reading time, PSHE curriculum delivery and weekly target setting are all part of this form time. This helps to create a family atmosphere amongst form tutors and tutees and strengthens relationships.  

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