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‘’My new school is amazing. It is the perfect size. The teachers are so kind and nice. They help and support me. I am happy to go to that school. When I go to school in the morning they always say good morning. The teachers and the children have such good manners.’’ (Year 7 new starter)

‘’I feel safe at The Orchard Centre.” (Year 8 pupil)

‘’Orchard - better than anything!’’ (Year 11 pupil)

“I feel so much more safer here and I have so many people who I have a connection with. I never had as much as support as I have right here. I'm just way more settled here than I have ever been before.” (Year 10 pupil)

‘It’s great to have positive, happy staff that help you through anything’. Year 11 student

‘I like being at The Orchard Centre because you can make new friends and when you need help you can get it from the teachers’. Year 11 student

‘The learning is good because the teachers have more opportunity to help you because the classes are smaller. Everyone at The Orchard Centre is very understanding’. Year 11 student

‘I can be myself making it is easier to learn. The teachers are very supportive and caring’. Year 11 student

‘I can actually learn. People at The Orchard Centre are incredibly kind and the pupils are like me’. Year 8 student

'The school has changed my life and I have met unforgettable people and made amazing friends and memories. When I joined The Orchard Centre I was a horrible place and I've developed so much as a person thanks to you all'. Year 11 Student

'Once again I am astounded at the outstanding provision and dedication to C that Julie and her team at The Orchard have demonstrated. They have come up with a bespoke C centred timetable that I am sure once into it C will thrive. I can not put into words my appreciation for what they have done.'

‘’Since leaving The Orchard Centre, my son has been at college and is now in his final year doing a Level 3 extended diploma. He has a group of friends he socialises with at weekends and has also completed his exams to become a qualified diver.


I truly believe if it wasn't for The Orchard Centre he wouldn't be the person he is today, much more confident and planning to go onto university.’’ (parent of leaver)

“Thank you for supporting my son over the last 12 months he is starting to learn and develop and reach his potential.” (Year 11 parent)

‘’My child is a changed boy at home, he is much happier.’’ (year 11 parent)

‘’My son has settled nicely, really enjoys coming to school. He has a good attitude to learning which has developed while being at this school.’’ (Year 10 parent)

‘I am very happy that my child is safe at The Orchard Centre.’ Parent of Year 10 pupil

‘My son has progressed really well in the last four months of being at The Orchard Centre.’ Parent of Year 11 pupil

‘The Orchard Centre has supported my son’s anxiety issues. He is like a different child from two years ago. Communication between myself and a member of staff has been important to me and I had this. It has been much appreciated.’ Parent of a Year 11 pupil

‘It’s nice to be informed of anything that concerns my son. He is concentrating on his work. Well done everyone’. Parent of a Year 11 pupil

‘My daughter is very happy at The Orchard Centre and is learning to cope better.’ Parent of Year 10 pupil

‘My son has had a new attitude towards going to school since attending The Orchard Centre’. Parent of a Year 7 pupil 

‘I’m very pleased that my son has fitted in. He’s accessing all the curriculum which he hasn’t done before coming to The Orchard Centre’. Parent of a Year 11 pupil

'I can't thank you all enough for what you have done. I wanted you to know what a real difference you have made to one little girl's life. I will always be indebted to you all for your hard work and dedication'. Parent of a Year 11 Pupil

'My son has had a new attitude towards going to school since attending The Orchard Centre'. Parent of a Year 7 pupil.

'I wasn't sure then what the future meant for my child. I'm glad to say I know now because of the dedication, hard work and empathetic nature of every member of staff that work at your Centre. They have not only brought my happy bubbly little girl back, they have brought her back with a new confidence, a new vision of self-esteem and great network of friends. Parent of a Year 11 pupil.

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