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Our Staff

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Mrs Lindsay Watson

Head of Centre 

Mrs J Smith 

Pastoral Lead

Mr R Heathcote

Assistant Head

G_Bennett Administrator.jpg

Ms G Bennett

Attendance Officer & School Administrator

L_Kumar Pastoral Manager - Curriculum Teacher Horticulture, PE, RSHE.jpg

Ms L Kumar

Outdoor Education Lead

W_Corbett Teaching Assistant.jpg

Ms W Corbett

Teaching Assistant

R_Blackmore Curriculum Teacher Food.jpg

Ms R Blackmore

Teacher Food

S_Cripps Teaching Assistant.jpg

 Ms S Cripps

Pastoral Teaching Assistant

C_Whittlestone Assessment and Reporting Co-ordinator - Curriculum Teacher Science.jpg

Ms C Whittlestone

Assessment and Exam Co-ordinator - Teacher Science

K_Dodd Teaching Assistant.jpg

Ms K Dodd

Teaching Assistant

C_Dunn Teaching Assistant.jpg

Ms C Dunn

Teaching Assistant

R_Gates Curriculum Teacher Nurture.jpg

Mr R Gates

Teacher Rising Stars and Reading Co-ordinator

M_Gwadiak Teaching Assistant.jpg

Ms M Gwardiak

Teaching Assistant

M_Hupfield Curriculum Teacher Outdoor Education, D of E.jpg

Mr M Hupfield

Teacher Outdoor Education, D of E

D_Klien-Velderman Curriculum Teacher Art.jpg

Ms D Klein-Velderman

Teacher Art

P_Lofty Curriculum Teacher Science.jpg

Mr P Lofty

Teacher Science

A_Roye Curriculum Teacher Maths.jpg

Mr A Roye

Teacher Maths

A_Mincher Curriculum Teacher English.jpg

 Ms A Mincher

 Teacher English

M_Murray Teaching Assistant.jpg

Ms M Murray

Teaching Assistant

Katy Samson.png

Mrs K Samson

Teacher Maths

A_Plummer Unqualified Curriculum Teacher IT.png

Mr A Plummer

Unqualified Teacher IT

E_Vosper Teaching Assistant Nurture.jpg

Ms E Vosper

Teaching Assistant Rising Stars

R Verma

Miss R Verma

Teaching Assistant 

Kabita Lunchtime Assistant.jpg


Lunchtime Assistant

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