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Scientific programmes of study are diverse. We follow national curriculum for science using AQA programmes of study for KS3 and 4 in line with many of our linked mainstream schools so that pupils have the knowledge and skills to be successful if they return. Our programmes of study are centred on linking scientific ideas and concepts to real-world scenarios and experiences. We recognise the limited life experiences that many of our pupils have had, and we aim to encourage them to think about and be interested in the world around us. We want pupils to be curious and we will always engage with their interests about the scientific world. We focus on practical applications wherever possible. This is vital for their scientific understanding and motivation in the subject as well as their social and emotional health where we can build much needed resilience and self-esteem.


In order to develop confidence, learning focuses on questioning and practical discovery in line with Project based learning. This will develop basic and intermediate scientific skills as well as encouraging pupils to develop independent learning and decision making. Pupils should be given the opportunity to use their preferred learning styles wherever possible. We follow a spiral curriculum as gaps in learning are considerable for most of our pupils. It is usual to include KS2, 3 and 4 content dependent on the learner and this may vary from lesson to lesson.


Every pupil has the opportunity to gain an entry level or GCSE qualification in year 10 and 11. In working towards this we aim to enthuse and excite pupils about our world. Developing their knowledge about science raises confidence and encourages a love of learning. Our pupils are often able to access science at Orchard when this has not been possible in mainstream education for various reasons. Pupil perception of science often improves and in turn aids their personal development.

Single Science

Entry Level Science

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