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This week has been much drier than last and having had the rain literally put a damper on some of our sessions last week it’s been great for the students to be able to have a chance to practice fire starting and management again.

Sitting around a fire, sharing food and talking or telling stories is an age old form of socialisation and one we still enjoy today. As well as practising the practical skills they’ve been learning, the sessions this week have given our students a chance to interact and build relationships with the peers and staff that have accompanied them to the woodland.

For many of our students the lack of academic expectations during our outdoor sessions really helps to reduce competition and increase the feeling of equality amongst the group. We’ve had a new student join the centre this week and a couple of changes in groups so it’s been a great opportunity for students to get to know each other and settle in. Building positive relationships with, and empathy for, others will hopefully go on to support our students in social situations during their time at Orchard centre and beyond.

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