On entry student targets are established based on FFT50 data. Mainstream school-based data, including attendance, is also taken into consideration when planning. Gaps in learning are identified from teacher assessment within the first six weeks of entry to the centre and work is set accordingly.

A comprehensive reading report using Accelerated Reader is also completed on entry to the Centre and interventions are put into place where needed.

Using the Doddle assessment programme all subjects are regularly assessed and pupils receive feedback on a lesson to lesson basis. All marking assesses achievement and gives guidance on how to progress further.

Reports are issued to parents twice a year. There are two parents’ evenings per year which enables parents to discuss any issues which have arisen from the reports.

If needed, students will also have a Boxall Profile completed to assess their Social and Emotional Wellbeing. The Boxall Profile is an assessment framework that is divided into two sections. The first section measures progress through different aspects of development in the student’s early years e.g. learning experiences, internalisation of controls. The second section measures behaviours that inhibit or interfere with a child’s involvement in school, underdeveloped behaviour and unsupported development. Once completed the Boxall Profile enables us to set early intervention targets to address social, emotional and behavioural difficulties within lessons and wider school activities.